ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии
ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии
ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии

About us

Green and Shiki

We are the ByGreenOrg team. We are engaged in photo and video shooting of events, corporate parties, interviews, reportage and wedding photography. We are fans of Japanese and geek culture — Anime, Cosplay, Comics, Games. We also take beautiful photos and videos, and we really love our work. We shoot cosplay, both at festivals and outdoors or in the studio. On our website you can view our portfolio and order a shoot.

What we shooting

  • Cosplay
  • Events
  • Interviews  
  • Studio Photo and Video
  • Wedding
ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии


Our filming at cosplay and geek festivals since 2023

ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии


Prices and conditions for cosplay shooting


“I understood what your problem is: you are too serious. An intelligent face is not yet a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All stupid things on earth are done with this facial expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile.' © Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky