Convents. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии


We are the ByGreenOrg team

We love cosplay, anime, festivals and everything that is somehow connected with geek culture. And we also take beautiful photos and videos. And here you can read about our shooting and see photos from cosplay festivals.

Convents. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии

The last festivals

About photography at festivals

We have been shooting cosplay festivals since 2005, and we really love this business! We are inspired by beautiful images, atmosphere and incredible talents that make the fairy tale a reality. We rarely come to the festival as an accreditation or the press, more often we buy a spectator ticket and shoot for our pleasure what we like: our friends, the Donuts of the public and our favorite fandoms and the images we like. We have a travel plan in which we tell you which festivals we are going to visit. We come to many festivals as Guests — organizers or subscribers can invite us to their festival if it is not in our plans.

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Convents. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии
Convents. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии

If you really want to see us at the festival in your city

The best way is to write to the organizers of your festivals that you would like to see us at the festival. We will be glad if we have free time, and the festival will be able to invite us as guests.

If you want to invite us