Rider. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии

If you want to invite us to the convent

We are invited to convents by both the organizers and the participants of convent themselves. We are happy to attend festivals in different cities and countries. We love to shoot cosplay and do it cool! But we can’t attend all the festivals at our own expense, so if you want to see us at your festival, you can invite us as Guests of the festival, or invite us to work. If we come as Guests, we ask for compensation for our travel costs, but we shoot for free. We never shoot “whatever”, and we always try to make beautiful material from convents, even if we shoot as guests, then on average we get 100-300 photos from the festival in one day.

Rider. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии

As Guests

  • We are announcing a trip in our group 
  • We shoot in a free format, what is interesting to us
  • We tell you about our VKDONS 
  • We will be loyal to the festival, and we will try to objectively tell our subscribers about it 
  • Streams with photo processing from the festival 
  • Photos in our group with our tag

Cost: Rider

Rider. ByGreenOrg и красивые фотографии

As Media Partners

  • We are shooting according to your task
  • What we will shoot — you decide
  • How much we will shoot — you also decide
  • How much processing will be, the use of tags — you also choose
  • Priority right to use photos 
  • Priority return of photos and videos in the first place

  Cost: Rider+Price


  1. Number of people: 3 people (2 operators and an assistant)
  2. Transfer (Round Trip): Taxi in Moscow (2 addresses), Train/plane tickets, Taxi in the city of the festival.
  3. Taxi: Calculation of the approximate cost for Uber, transfer to the card before the day of the festival.
  4. Plane: 1 seat with luggage is required, the rest with large hand luggage.
  5. Accommodation: If necessary, a separate room in a hostel / hotel.
  6. Food: A hungry operator is a bad operator. Meals at the festival, or payment to the card before the day of the festival.
  7. Pass to the festival: Three passes to the festival.

 Additionally, there will be a big plus 

  • Announcement and SMM: An announcement about our trip to Your festival in your networks, a repost of a post with ready-made material, a stream with photo processing.
  • Merch: If you can allocate gifts for the drawing among our subscribers, it will be very nice. Stickers\badges\posters\postcards\mugs we will be glad of any support.

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