Everlasting Summer


Alisa — Zefirka Natsuki

Lena — Ariadna Lobe

Uliana — Kavaynaya Kote

Miku — Dasha Drawiwandspase

Slavia — Liz Joestar

Olga Dmitrievna — Agrifano

It was an interesting project that we shot together with the girls in an authentic place in nature. In the game, this is the Sovenok camp, which was taken from the SOL Volga recreation center in Tver. We took photos and some of the guys also took videos.The way we got to the camp and back with the whole big company is worthy of separate stories. Working with a large number of people in nature with different ideas and views on processing is an interesting experience. We are glad to have the opportunity to capture such beauty for you and give you some warmth and summer.And I want to say thank you to the girls for a cool project! You can see the full photo set in our VKontakte group, and cosplayers in groups have more photos, only for private access.